Mars (catalysted) wrote in edwardalice,

pour a little salt, we were never here; edward/alice; 649 words.

Called: pour a little salt, we were never here.
Lovers: Edward + Alice.
Classified: PG
Assurance: I own nothing. Not Twilight or the characters, not the song Skinny Love by Bon Iver, not even the plot.
Excerpt: He murmurs of how her perception makes her more alluring, through smiles that curve obscurely. She demurs, calling it a curse, burdensome and dangerous.
Comment: An overdue AU, AH request. Most of it is left open to interpretation and one's imagination, e.g. setting. The italicized line is a transition from present to past, letting me keep the same tense in the two sections without really splitting it. May or may not be continued.

They met in a throng of bodies mimicking each other, pressing tightly together.
Tags: type: fanfiction
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